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Latest Official Viewers

Here you will find the latest installers in each of the official Second Galaxy Viewer versions. Please note that for the best performance and reliability, the latest version should be used of each should be used.

The Galaxy Viewer is the official viewer of Second Galaxy and is recommended for all users, but especially for new users.

Galaxy Viewer 

The Galaxy Viewer is currently under development and is not yet ready for use by those on Second Galaxy.

Third-Party Viewers 

These third-party viewers (TPVs) are provided by organizations other than the Second Galaxy Development Team. While the Second Galaxy Development Team makes every attempt to support users running these viewers, especially in terms of grid-related issues, the Second Galaxy Development Team cannot directly fix viewer problems reported by users of these viewers. The links to these third-party viewers are provided here as recommended alternatives in the event that a user cannot run the official viewer, or knowingly prefers one of these alternatives.

  • Singularity

Note: The Singularity Viewer development has been very infrequent over the last year. The Second Galaxy Development Team may at some point remove it from its Third Party Viewer list and block this viewer in the future.

You can find older versions of the Galaxy Viewer, as well as older third-party viewers (TPVs), here (link).

Source Code and Compile Instructions

The Galaxy Viewer is currently in development. When the Second Galaxy Development Team determines it to be ready for testing and official release we will provide links for building instructions for those who want to build the viewer locally along with our prebuilt installers.