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What Is Second Galaxy? 

Second Galaxy is a 3D virtual environment that enables users to create their own alternate virtual life. The platform allows the user to visually design and create, in real time, the world of their own imagination through uploading textures created from Photoshop or Gimp, animations made from QAvimator or Poser (or any software that enables BVH file creation), sound files, and 3d modeling through Blender and Maya. Within the platform users can then create or purchase scripts to bring life to their design.

Unlike traditional MMO's, all content within the service is created and provided by the users and there is no "end game" concept. Whether a user is into music, art, role play, scripting, creating, charities, teaching, etc. will determine what the user makes of their abilities within the world. The options are only as limited as their imagination.

Always wanted to be a radio DJ? Start up your own ShoutCast or IceCast server and start spinning tunes for club owners and events held around the grid. Ever wanted to be a fashion designer? Learn how to create beautiful textures and build the outfits you've always wanted! Build your dream house on a lush tropical beach, or create a loft in a grunge environment. Tour beautiful destinations based on real world locations, or wander fantasy landscapes, fly in an alien spaceship, sail on a boat across the ocean, visit the stars or explore deep sea environments. Create what you want or explore what others have created! Roleplay as an Elf, a Fairy, a wood nymph, a knight, a distressed damsel, or an evil troll! View beautiful art galleries and museums, participate in charity drives, listen to music at clubs, dance with friends, enjoy live entertainers or take classes to build your own skills. It's all about your own imagination.