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About Second Galaxy

Second Galaxy is a 18+ Virtual World initially based off the OpenSimulator, WhiteCore-Sim, and Halcyon software. Efforts however, are being made to move past this source code and becoming closer to the Second Life standard for working improvements while bringing a futuristic setting to virtual worlds that include both our region based grid and our brand new planetary based grid.

Second Galaxy is a free Virtual World... Yes, that's right, FREE! There is no cost to create your own avatar, there is no membership fee, and you can even create your goods on our provided sandboxes!
The Second Galaxy Development Team is comprised of 10 Core Developers 3 Assistant Core Developers, and 9 Administrative Support Staff, as shown in our ToS. Our LLC is located in Maine, and any legal correspondence may be directed to:
Virtual World Research Inc.
Marion Drive, Suite 306
Van Buren, ME 04785

The Second Galaxy Development Team is split up into three work groups. This allows the development team to operate as efficiently as possible. These Work Groups are:

  • Grid Architecture Development Work Group - This work group is responsible for the development and maintenance of the grid architecture which includes software, operating systems, and hardware that make up the backbone of Second Galaxy.
  • Viewer Development Work Group - This work group is responsible for the development and maintaining of the official viewer of Second Galaxy as well as oversight of the development team's Third Party Viewer program.
  • Administrative Support Services Work Group - This work group is responsible for the day to day administrative business of the development team and is the first line of support for the members of our grids.

Each member of the development team brings a different skill set to the grid, between software engineer, to customer support, technical debugging. We have 25+ years of development experience, 20+ years of customer service, and that doesn't include our volunteers and their experience levels.